A Spell of Independence

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily

For those of us in the Unites States, Independence Day is an ideal time to consider the things that make us independent as a country and as individuals. Although no country is perfect, we are afforded great freedom to live an authentic life.

Light a white candle and “pull” the flame into each of your body’s seven chakras. Quickly and safely pinch the flame with your right hand, and draw this energy into the chakra.

Say the following at each chakra point:
1. Base: “My body is sovereign. I am in control.”
2. Navel: “My sexuality is sacred. I determine its expression.”
3. Solar plexus: “My soul creates my experience. I choose my path.”
4. Heart: “My kindness is my nature. I declare empathy for all.”
5. Throat: “My expressions are authentic. I am inspired to inspire.”
6. Brow: “My visions are clear. I am a psychic being.”
7. Crown: “My connection to Spirit is pure. I am me and I am free!”

Extinguish the candle when done.

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