Outdoor Magic

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Balsam

June is Great Outdoors Month, and a perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. Go to a natural setting, rural or urban, and spend some time exploring. Find natural totems representing the four elements, such as a feather or leaf representing air, sunlight or lamplight to represent fire, some water, and a stone representing earth. Sit on the earth and place your air totem in the east. Say:

Air of the east inspires me.
I breathe in new life.
And breathe.

In the south, let your face turn toward the sun or lamplight. Say:
Fire of the south, warm me.
Warm my hands, heart, head, and
health so that I am nourished.

In the west, lay the water, saying:
West and water, intuition and
feeling, help me flow and heal.

In the north, lay the earth totem, saying:
Mother Earth supports me. I am secure
and stable. I am at home outdoors.

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