Oomancy ( Egg Magick)

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Cypress

National Egg Day in the United States falls on June 3. This is an excellent time to work magick with eggs. You can divine with eggs!

Consider what you want to know and write down your question. Choose the egg from your fridge that calls to you for this purpose. You will need a small dish with some water to crack an egg into. Check to see if there are any abnormalities in the egg first. Take note of anything odd. Then break the yolk and swirl it around and look at the patterns within the yolk. What are the shapes that appear to you? Write down anything you notice from the patterns revealed to you. See how they apply to your original question and keep a record of it. You can then refer to your records to gauge the results of your prediction.

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