Safe, Magical Neighborhood

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Geranium

Magic can raise the energy, safety, and positivity of your area. This spell requires a printed map of your neighborhood, a pencil, six small bags, and a marker.

On the map, circle your home. Next, draw a pentagram over your neighborhood, with your house in the middle. Number the points 1–5.

Take a walk to the first point. Get as close as possible to it without trespassing. Secretly collect a small sample of dirt, grass, rocks, or leaves, and place it in a bag. Number that bag “1” with the marker. Repeat this for all five points. Collect a sample from your home area as well. At your altar, arrange the materials on the map according to their number. Trace the pentacle with your finger and say:

Rock, grass, leaf, and debris,
A safe, magical community.
A pentacle creates unity.

Trace a circle around the points to form a pentacle. Leave the map out for a day. Store the materials in a jar to seal in the magic.

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