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May Day

Color of the day:  Amber
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope

May Day is a highly significant day on many pagan paths, including Hoodoo. One of Hoodoo’s original informants reported on a washing ritual that has come to be known as Edward Marshall’s May Day Wash. His rite was designed for the Mississippi River, but a river (or other natural body of water) near you will do, if you have strong intentions.

In Hoodoo, it is believed that running water, as in a river, can cleanse, protect, and banish ill health and the problems that cause them. Wear all white for sacred intent. Head to a nearby river (or other natural body of water) with your towel. Submerge your body and visualize your troubles floating like your clothing. Chant:

On this auspicious day of May,
Let the healing powers of water
shield, cleanse, and protect me,
Shield, cleanse, and protect me,
Shield, cleanse, and protect me.
Blessed be!

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