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The Magic of the Palm

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Almond

Today is Palm Sunday, a sacred day for Christians, which celebrates the triumphant entrance of Christ into Jerusalem. The people greeted him by scattering palm branches in his path. In modern-day observances, willow and yew are often substituted where palm is not available.

If you wish to observe the day in a more witchy fashion, the palm tree is associated magically with fertility and is also kept near the front door of a home to prevent evil from entering. Take a palm branch, if they grow nearby, or the branch of any other tree. Hold it up and say this spell:

Let my life be fertile and
full of abundance.
May my home be protected from evil.
May all the gods, old and new,
lend me their blessings.
So mote it be!

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