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Thawing Incantation

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Apricot

When the winter winds arrived, we drew our necks down, bundled up, and became guarded against the cold. As the winter weather begins to show signs of easing up, let’s do a thawing spell to release and awaken the frozen parts of ourselves. This spell is best done indoors.

Standing in a safe and private space, gaze down at your feet. Say:

I thaw what holds me stuck in place.
Place your hands on your belly. Say:
I thaw the anger I have held so tight.
Place your hands over your heart. Say:
I thaw my passionate, tender feelings.
Press your hands together in front of
you, perhaps rubbing them lightly. Say:
I thaw my creativity and skill.

Holding one hand to your throat and one to your heart, say:

It is safe to thaw out, to speak out,
to feel fully and be real. I thaw myself
and stand here, fully present.

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