A Threshold Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily

Use this spell to protect your threshold and keep negative energy from entering your front door. You’ll need three cloves of garlic, some salt, and a broom. First, peel the garlic cloves and rub each one with a bit of salt. Bury the garlic near your front door. Then sprinkle a small amount of salt along your front door’s threshold. Now take your broom and sweep the salt away. From your threshold, continue to sweep the salt away from your door, off your porch, and down your front steps. Sweep to the street if that’s possible. As you sweep, say:

Protect this home, garlic and salt,
I command all negative energy to halt.

This spell is good to use after a negative person has left your home and you need to restore positive vibrations. Repeat once a year or when you feel the need.

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