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Looking at Love

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

With Valentine’s Day right ar ound the corner, it’s not unusual for our thoughts to turn to love. Love can manifest in many ways. Maybe you’re looking for clues to finding a new love or need help with an ongoing relationship. For some, love is less about romance and more about family, friends, or even pets.

Either way, this is a good day to take a peek at what the future holds for you where love is concerned. If you have a tarot deck, you can shuffle it and pull a card. If rune stones are more your thing, pull one of those. You can even try scrying in a dark bowl full of water. No matter how you choose to do it, empty your mind and fill your heart with all the love you can muster. Then say this spell and see what the universe has to tell you:

Love today and love to be,
Show me what I need to see.

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