Magick of the 18th Path

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Ylang-Ylang

In the Qabalistic Tree of Life, path 18 is associated with the Chariot card of the tarot. In many depictions, two strong beasts, often one black and one white, are leading the chariot. In our daily lives, we are constantly working to unite opposing desires and initiatives. We want to sleep in, but we also want to pay rent. We want to blow up at our partner in a moment of anger, but we also want to maintain our relationship.

Finding a way to steer the chariot of our lives, without being yanked this way or that, is one of the greatest challenges of adulting, and this magical boost will help heal discord between opposing elements within.

Sit between two lit candles, one black and one white, situated on heatproof surfaces, and chant the following spell:

This or that, either or.
Pass between—the inner door.
My mind is clear,
My heart does know,
And every choice divinely flows.

Snuff out the candles with thanks.

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