Handy Love Magic

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

The second week of January is Letter Writing Week. We hardly write letters anymore, but it’s time for a Hand-Written Love Letter Spell. In touch with the paper and pen, handwriting is personal and, like your fingerprints, distinctive.

Gather paper, a pen, an envelope, a glue stick, and decorative items such as stickers, cut-out pictures, ribbons, or dried flowers. Start with “Dear _____,” and tell them what makes them so dear to you. It doesn’t have to be written to a lover, partner, or spouse. Why not write a love letter to a friend, family member, or yourself? Express love in words, channelling heart energy down through the pen and onto the paper. Sign your name and decorate with hearts, stars, and pictures. Place the letter in the envelope and seal it. Post the “handy” love letter, stamped and addressed, knowing you’re sending a personal, unique, and timeless gift—something they can hold onto forever.

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