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Magical Snowflake Window Art

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

Window art is a great way to create a screen of privacy and protection between your home and the outside world. For this spell you’ll need paper, scissors, and tape.

Start with a square of paper. Trace the four corners with your finger and speak your intention aloud. Fold the paper to create a triangle. With every fold, imagine the power of your intention doubling. Fold the paper again to make a smaller triangle. Fold it again to make a triangular crease at one-third
of the triangle. Repeat from the other side to create a tiny triangle with two “tails.” Cut the tails off so the edges are smooth. As you cut shapes in the folded paper, say:

With every cut, I call to me
Protection and privacy.
It’s a fortress, you can see.
So move along, good day to thee.

Once you feel the paper will convey your meaning, open it up and envision it working. Tape your magical snowflake up in a window.

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