Supercharged Water Scrying

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

Scrying is the art of divination by gazing usually into a dark surface such as a black mirror or pool of water or ink, but there is also the classic crystal gazing. This method is cauldron scrying but with the added empowerment of an herbal brew that magically charges the water with visionary qualities and readies the psychic mind to properly receive and interpret the impressions given.

Gather the following:
* 1/4 cup mugwort
* 1/4 cup wormwood
* 2 cups water

If you wish, the brew can be made in a regular pot and then poured into your cauldron so you won’t have to wait for the cauldron to cool before working. In any case, simmer the herbs in the water over low heat for about ten to fifteen minutes, then remove from the heat and strain the brew. Move to your working area and gaze into the liquid. Note any visions or impressions received.

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