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Moonstone Travel Safety Magic

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Lily

Monday’s lunar ties connect it with moonstones, making this a perfect day to do a little crystal magic! One of the many magical uses for moonstone is to promote safe travel. Find a moonstone and a small pouch. Cleanse the crystal and pouch as you see fit, then hold them cupped in your hands. Visualize a protective glowing light radiating from the stone, and recite the following:

Lunar powers shining bright,
Combining with earthen crystal might.
I perform this magical rite.
May I have safe travels day and night.

Now, holding your intention and using your breath, blow your intention into the stone in your cupped hands. Then put the stone in the pouch and tuck it somewhere safe in your vehicle. Over time, as you feel called, you can also add magical plants to the pouch that add to your travel safety magic, such as pine needles for protection or lavender for calm.

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