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Magickal Jam

Color of the day:  Turquoise
Incense of the day:  Clove

Different berries have various magickal associations, just like flowers and herbs do. This means you can eat the berries on their own and bring their qualities into your life, or you can consume them year-round in the form of delicious jam. You can make your own jam or buy it readymade at the grocery store or farmers’ market.

Toast a piece of bread with your breakfast. Using a spoon, place the jam onto the toast in a shape representing what you’d like to attract that day, such as a heart for love, an arrow for courage, or a dollar sign for money. As you eat your toast, imagine yourself being filled with the energy of your chosen jelly, whether it’s joy, love, or protection. The qualities of the berries will stay with you throughout your day.

Here are some jams and jellies to try:

* Cherry: Relationships, emotional
* Raspberry: Protection from spirits
* Currant: Health
* Gooseberry: Youth, beauty
* Grape: Fertility, mental clarity
* Elderberry: Prosperity, blessings
* Blueberry: Protection, warding off psychic attack
* Blackberry: Healing, wealth
* Strawberry: Love, romance

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