Sprouting Wealth

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

The last half of summer really is a powerhouse of life and fertility. Capturing that energy for our wallet and purse magick is as simple as sprouting clover seeds.

In a large glass loaf pan, soak a half cup of clover seeds and three onedollar bills in a half cup of water. Poke holes in the money or tear the edges to give the plants something to hold onto. Nestle this in a warm and sunny location and watch the life grow!

For twelve days, carefully drain the old water while holding back the seeds and dollar bills. Each day, replace it with fresh water until the seeds sprout. Once full leaves begin to form, plant this cluster of clovers in a container or out in the garden to generate greater wealth within and all around your home. Add coins and precious stones to create places where these buried treasures can help improve and generate auspicious vibrations.

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