Altar Blessing

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

An altar is a physical focus for magic and spirituality. It provides a place to work and worship. There is a distinction between things that change with each spell or ritual (such as stones to symbolize current astrological energies) and things that stay the same ( like an offering bowl or incense burner). Other things such as divine icons or altar cloths may or may not change.

Here is a spell to bless the permanent tools on your altar. You will need your altar, your permanent tools, incense, sea salt, and a bowl of water.

First take everything off your altar and clean the top. Safely light the incense and sprinkle sea salt in the water. Invoke your patron deity(s). One at a time, place your permanent tools on the altar, each in its accustomed place. Hold each tool and say:

God/dess, bless this solid symbol of
my faith. May it hold me securely and
always support my work. So mote it be.

Waft incense smoke over the tool and sprinkle it with the salted water. Then place it on the altar.

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