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A Summer Solstice Solar Blessing

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Frankincense

This ritual celebrates the sun god and the summer solstice. It should be performed at noon, the solar hour. If possible, perform this ritual outside.

You’ll need one orange pillar candle and a bowl of water containing a few drops of orange extract. Place the candle on a sturdy surface outside, such as a table or a flat rock. If inside, use an altar or a table. In front of the candle, place the bowl with the water/ extract. Safely light the candle and raise it skyward. Then set it down and say:

We have called you Helios, Ra,
and many other names.
You are the King of Light
and the eternal flame.
Bless me with the bounty
of your kingdom.
Bless me with your power
and your wisdom.

Now sprinkle the water/extract mixture about as an offering. Let the candle burn a few minutes, then extinguish it. This ends the spell. You may use the candle again for prosperity magic.

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