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Coin Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

Everyone could use a little prosperity. In the past, people often wore coins as jewelry to attract wealth. This spell draws on that history.

To cast this spell, you will need some wearable coinage, a paper and pen, and a sprig of fresh basil. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and bellydance scarves often have coinlike dangles. Some belt buckles have pennies or other coins welded onto a background. You can also find actual sunken treasure or other historic coins made up into jewelry, usually pendants or earrings. Rings and tie tacks are less common but occasionally feature coins.

First count how many coins you have on your jewelry. For each coin, write down an aspect of prosperity, such as attracting wealth or saving money. Now rub the basil over the first coin while chanting its aspect of prosperity. Imagine that aspect manifesting and what improvements it would make for you. Do the same with the remaining coins. Finally, bury the basil in your yard. Wear the jewelry when you need prosperity. You can keep the paper on your altar.

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