Candle Tips

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Juniper

Before lighting a new candle for a spell, check to make sure that you have peeled off all the wrappers and labels. Some candles have a layer of clear plastic shrink-wrapped around them that is hard to see and will smoke if the candle is lit.

You can dedicate any candle for a certain spell or ritual by using a pin to carve a name, runes, or other magical symbols down the side. If you don’t like handling sharp things, a dried-out ballpoint pen also works well.

If a candle builds up a pool of melted wax that threatens to drown the flame, you can tilt the candle or press a metal tool against the rim of wax to make a channel so that some of the wax can run out.

When a candle wick burns down too low to light but there is still plenty of wax in the rest of the candle, carve a well around the wick in order to make it long enough to burn.

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