Contentment Stone

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Pine

It can be hard enough to accept life on a good day, but it’s on the really difficult days that we need hope and luck the most. Cast the following spell on a found stone, anointing it with lavender oil and speaking to it this incantation:

A rolling stone gathers no moss, about
the world it is effortlessly tossed.
But this little gem took an
adventure again, standing before
my toes, as lost as Faust.
From the greatest mountain to
the smallest stone, I am content
with all that I have known.

Keep the stone in your wallet to remind you to be grateful for every little thing you have. Use the luck that is all around you. Learn to see it and appreciate it by recognizing the value and sentient consciousness in everything that exists.

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