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Cell Phone Protection

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Apricot

Most cell phones are fragile. A brisk bump, a short fall, or more than a few drops of rain can ruin one. Yet people take their cell phones everywhere, in all kinds of conditions, which leads to accidents and broken devices.

For this protection spell, you will need a cell phone case printed with a spider and/or a spiderweb. Think of Grandmother Spider, whose sphere of influence includes all webs and networks, along with communication from afar. Hold the spiderweb case between your hands and say:

Grandmother Spider, spin your web,
Subtle and silken, line by line.
Spin your magic across this case,
Keeping this cell phone working fine.

Put the case on the phone. Visualize the web protecting the cell phone from all harm, and trace over the web with your finger. Say the spell again. The cell phone is now protected. If you ever need a boost of protection, repeat the spell.

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