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A May New Moon Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Cedar

A May new moon is a perfect time to energize your spirit. This spell will empower your spirit, and at the same time help you achieve a wish. Think of a wish as you prepare for this ritual. First, cover your altar with dark blue fabric. Upon the altar place one dark blue candle and a vase of spring flowers. Lilacs, pansies, and violets are good. Safely light the candle. Think of your wish as you chant the following verse three times:

As the May moon begins to grow,
So does the magical seed I sow!
These flowers live, these flowers wither,
But my spirit shall live forever.

Meditate upon your wish, then snuff out the candle. You may use the candle again for magic. Leave the flowers on your altar until they fade. When the flowers wither, place them gently on the ground outside. As the flowers return to Mother Earth, your wish will grow to fruition.

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