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Mindful Magick

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Eucalyptus

The practice of mindfulness has gained quite a foothold in recent years. It seems everyone from elders to children is practicing mindful meditation. We all need ways to calm our mind and release stress.

For our spell today, we are going to practice being mindful magickal practitioners. Find a stone, crystal, leaf, feather, or flower that grabs your attention. Go to a location where you will not be disturbed. Hold your item in your hand and gaze at it lovingly. Slow your breathing. When you begin to relax, close your eyes. Feel the item with your fingers. Try to quiet your thoughts, and allow the item to speak its magick to you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes. Thank your item for being with you. Return your item to Mother Earth, or place it on your altar, where it will help you to remember to be mindful.

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