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Love Is Blooming

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

Today is Beltane, otherwise known as May Day. It celebrates the union of the Goddess and the God, fertility, abundance, and of course love. Traditionally it is often seen as a holiday that is raucous and sensual—and certainly it can be. But love takes many forms, and Beltane is the perfect time to focus on whichever kind or kinds of love you wish to invite into your life. This can include romantic or sexual love, but also the love of family, friends, pets, community, or anything else that will fill your heart with joy. Beltane is a fire holiday, so if you can, light a bonfire and dance around it. (If you can’t have a bonfire, light a red candle in a cauldron or firesafe bowl instead. Snuff it out when you are done.) As you dance, say or chant:

Beltane fires,
Sacred and wild,
Bring me love,
Both sweet and mild;
The kind of love
I need and desire.
Come to me
With Beltane’s fire.

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