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A Cleansing Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Mint

In some regions of Europe centuries ago, this date was considered to be the official end of winter. Cleansing rituals were performed to purify homes, farms, and livestock in preparation for a fruitful growing season. Many rituals involved fire. Bonfires were set, or sometimes straw brooms were set afire. These fires were meant to burn away the last remnants of winter and cleanse the environment. This spell is based on these ancient traditions. Use it to cleanse your living space or to bring good fortune. Begin by selecting three straws from a broom. Ignite them. Let them burn or smolder until they’re ash in a fireplace or heatproof container. As they burn, say:

I dedicate this fire to the earth and sun,
And to the summer season still to come.
Let bounty spread across the land.
I send this wish from my own hand.

When the ashes have cooled, sprinkle them as a blessing in a favorite outdoor area.

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