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Herbal Smudge Home Cleanse

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Saturdays, which are under the rule of Saturn, are a wonderful time to do some hearth and home magic. Let’s take this opportunity to do a bit of energetic clearing using an herb that is also associated with Saturday’s energetic currents: mullein. Mullein is known for keeping away evil and malevolent energies—perfect for upping your household protection against stray, unwanted vibes!

Gather a heatproof and fireproof vessel, an incense charcoal, and a couple spoonfuls of mullein. Get the charcoal lit and burning, and add some mullein on top. As it smokes, work your way around your home counterclockwise while wafting the smoke. Recite an incantation such as this:

By power of mullein, clean and cleanse.
By power of fire and earth, smoke
and herb, my home I defend.
My home is a sanctuary
that shall not upend.
Blessed be.

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