Peaceful Trails Water

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sage

On a sunny, calm day, collect a jar of water from a tranquil pond, lake, or fountain. As you do so, spend a moment feeling how still and serene the place is. Notice the gentle ripples in the water, the soothing lapping sounds, and the harmonious existence of any wildlife. Imagine that calmness and serenity infusing the jar of water like a soft ray of sunshine. Put the lid on the jar and take it home.

Dribble a trail of this water on the sidewalk or street outside your home, then up the driveway, front path, or hallway, all the way to your front door. Anyone who enters your space will be cleansed by the vibration of the calming water and bring only peaceful energy with them into your home.

You can also use this water to attract serenity in other ways, such as watering your potted plants with it or adding a drop to your bath.

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