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Earth Healing on Arbor Day

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

On this date in 1872, the first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska. This is a perfectly pagan holiday, as it was created to promote the planting of trees. I can’t think of a more perfectly aligned holiday for earth-based spiritualities!

Today, either plant a tree or pot or repot a houseplant, and if you’re able, make a donation (even a small one) to a tree or other environmental conservation organization. During any of these activities, hold the intention that the growth of the tree or plant you planted carry your magical intent of healing the planet as it grows. See the tree’s green glowing light gently wrap around the planet as its roots grow deeper and its branches grow taller. As the green light spreads, hold the intention that other people will also have the realization that trees and the earth are vital to preserve.

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