Moving the Rain

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Violet

Spring brings rain in many parts of the world. Sometimes this is welcome, and other times not. Too much rain can cause flooding, while other parts of the land get none. Here is a spell to send unwanted rain where it is needed more.

Gather these items:
* A large map of your continent
* Several small containers, such as shot glasses or bowls, one bigger than the others
* Some water (rainwater if possible)

Check the weather conditions on your continent to find out where it is wet and where it is dry right now. Place the map on your altar, then put the big container over where you live and the smaller ones over locations where there currently is also rain. Visualize the current rainy weather in your location. Then say:

We give thanks for the rain, but
others need it more. Please give
our rain to (name of dry area).

Pick up the big container and move it to that part of the map. Visualize the rain in your location moving to that dry location. ( The smaller containers remain in place, since you are not trying to move that rain.) Then you can clean up the altar.

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