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A Charm to Work Your Will

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Ginger

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars (in French, Tuesday is called mardi), which makes today an auspicious time to work magic pertaining to passion, the will, and any matter that requires fiery, forceful energy. Some of us are naturally forceful, but practically everyone could use a leg up from time to time in order to win in a stressful situation. To encourage outspokenness and the wherewithal to see your will worked in a contested situation, make a sachet that contains ingredients associated with fire, passion, and victory in conflict.

Take a square of red fabric (or a small red pouch, if you have one). Lay it out flat, and in the center place a clove of garlic and a pinch each of ground cinnamon, nettle (dried or fresh), and basil (dried or fresh). Sprinkle the mixture with a pinch of ground cayenne pepper and say:

By the powers of Mars, my will is true.
I find success in all I do.

Tie the sachet with red string or cord and carry it with you throughout your day.

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