Divining Rods Spell

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Orchid

There is much talk these days about food sensitivities. Using divining rods can help put the power of diagnosis in your own hands.

Create a set of divining rods using two 20-inch lengths of medium-gauge aluminum (from a hardware store) or straightened coat-hanger wire. Bend each wire into an L shape, with a 5-inch “arm.” Hold the two arms loosely in your closed hands so that the 15-inch length of each rod floats horizontally in front of you.

Experiment with foods that you know disagree with you until you understand what “bad” looks like with your rods. My rods push out wide to the sides to indicate “bad” foods. Once you have established what “good” and “bad” look like, use the rods to connect to your own higher knowing and cellular vibration, and test foods to confirm what is problematic for your system. Seeing is believing and hearing your higher self.

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