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A Sea Spirit Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Yarrow

Traditionally in ancient times this date marked the beginning of the sailing season in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Sailors prayed and blessings were said for a safe and bountiful year at sea. Utilize the energies of this day by performing this spell to bring you some prosperity.

You’ll need a plain white sheet of paper, a blue crayon, a pen, and a few drops of salt water. At the top of the paper, draw a wave design using the crayon. If you wish, you may also add other sea-related designs, such as a ship, a dolphin, a fish, etc. Beneath the design write this charm in ink:

Spirits of the sand, spirits of the sea,
Favor me with prosperity.

Now read the charm aloud. Sprinkle the paper with a few drops of salt water. Fold the paper like a letter and hide it. When good fortune begins to come to you, give thanks, then discard the paper.

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