Awaken the Sun and Earth Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Violet

At this time of year we begin to grow anxious and are ready for spring. This spell will help keep you in step with the natural world. It will also make you feel that you’re hurrying spring along.

You’ll need an orange candle, a houseplant, and a watering can. Place the candle, the plant, and the watering can filled with water on your altar. Begin by saying:

Sun, awaken and rise into the sky.
Show me your light and power.
Earth, awaken from your frosty grave.
Show me your green grass
and begin to flower.

Next, safely light the candle and water the plant. Visualize the sun growing in strength and the earth turning green again. When you’re ready, snuff out the candle. This ends the spell. Perform this ritual as often as you like until the days are mild again.

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