Awaken the Spirit of an Altar

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Rose

An altar is a space equipped with symbols and tools devoted to particular aspects of magic or spirituality, whether deity, spirit, or philosophy. Over time, altars become attuned to the energies that are worked with them. When erecting an altar, we should ideally be in tune with our creative process to allow divine inspiration to guide us. This is a simple spell to help you align with that inspiration to further empower and awaken your altar space.

You will need a small piece of paper and a pen. Ground and center. Concentrate on the purpose of your altar. On the paper, draw a pentagram, and in the center of it, draw an open eye. Chant over it three times:

Awaken unto life and be
A place to reach between the worlds.

Take a deep breath of power and then exhale over the paper, “seeing” the symbols shine. Hide the paper somewhere on your new altar.

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