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Coins of Blessing Divination Spell

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

For this spell you will need a deck of tarot cards and thirteen coins.

Ground and center. Draw a tarot card of your choice that represents your success, and place it in the center of your working area as a “manifestation guide” for your spell.

Shuffle your cards while focusing on the year ahead. Deal out twelve cards, face down, in a clockwise circle around the central card, naming each as a month.

Take the coins in your hands and make a heartfelt prayer for your success. Imagine breathing this prayer into the coins. Hold them as you turn over each card, reflecting on its meaning. If you find a “negative” card, place a coin upon it (heads-up) as a transformative blessing and say:

In the month of (name of month),
a challenge is struck,
But a coin of blessing turns my luck.

Read the cards to show the year’s journey toward success. Spend the coins on yourself.

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