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Saint Nicholas Day Fun

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage

This is an old family tradition in our house, based on the European tale of Saint Nicholas coming this night to fill the shoes/stockings of the household (one of the origins of the Santa tales). We decided to keep it and incorporate it into our pagan rituals. Saint Nicholas Day is actually tomorrow, but tonight is the fun.

Before bedtime, each individual in the house puts out a shoe, either at the hearth or outside their bedroom door.

When it’s quiet, household members sneak out and fill each other’s shoes with favorite chocolates, fruit, bags of chocolate coins, and a small toy. Part of the fun is not being caught by other household members!

Before you distribute the items, make sure you bless them, giving thanks to Saint Nicholas for his generosity.

Everyone finds a shoe filled with delightful treats in the morning!

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