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Cyber Monday Prosperity Spell

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Neroli

With Spending Too Much Se ason well under way at this point, some of us may wish to curb our enthusiasm a bit in order to keep a roof over our heads!

For this spell, you’ll need your wallet and some prosperity herbs (such as almond or patchouli) combined with some herbs of protection (such as bay leaves or mint). Mint is especially good for this spell, as it has properties of both prosperity and protection. You’ll also need to inscribe and anoint a green candle by carving symbols and words into it with a small blade or wooden pick and dressing it with a simple oil, such as olive or a scented oil (such as patchouli). Then sprinkle your altar with some coins and bills.

Breathe deeply and visualize yourself finishing any holiday shopping you need to do, smiling broadly because you’ve hit sales and found bargains so that you’ve been able to hold on to a lot of your hard-earned money. Light the candle safely and sprinkle the money with the herbs. Say:

The gods reward my generosity in
kind. I have more than enough.

Put the money and herbs in your wallet, and extinguish the candle. Whenever you spend this holiday season, repeat these words again and again to yourself.

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