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A Nearing Hallow's Household Blessing

Color of the day:  Gold
Incense of the day:  Juniper

To bless your home throughout the tide of autumn, consider burning some sticks of your favorite all-natural incense. For this working, it’s best to burn quite a lot all at once; the more smoke the better—just be sure to be mindful of your fire alarms!

Light a few orange or black candles in holders to celebrate the season. As you burn your chosen sacred smoke, walk throughout your home and open every cupboard and closet. Waft the smoke in every space, and while doing so, repeat:

Cleansed and purified,
enchanted and sanctified.

Follow in suit by saying the same affirmation while sprinkling salt water with your fingertips.

If you wish, walk around your house or apartment building in a deosil (clockwise) fashion to bless the outside perimeter. Don’t forget to bless your Halloween decorations too!

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