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Querying an Ancestor Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Sage

If there is an ancestor or other Beloved Dead spirit you feel close to whom you plan to honor this Samhain, either on the holiday itself or with a shrine you’ve set up for the month, you can ask for their guidance at any time now, as the veil between the worlds becomes gossamer-thin.

For this spell, you simply need a picture or symbol representing the departed spirit and a black candle. Using a small blade or wooden pick, carve your question on the candle, and anoint the candle with some rose or mugwort oil. Place it near the picture of your Beloved Dead and light it safely. Speak to their spirit as you would if they were still incarnate, and tell them you need their help. Ask your question respectfully and give them a deadline to get the answer to you. Thank them from your heart, and let the candle burn all the way down.

In the coming days, stay open to signs and symbols in nature and the words of others, even children, who are often much wiser than we give them credit for.

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