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Mabon Apple Magic

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cedar

The autumn equinox is a powerful time to cultivate balance, and as it is the second harvest before the fallow period of winter, it is an especially potent time to balance what we take in or harvest versus what we release. Slice an apple in half (not through the stem end) to reveal the five-pointed star inside, a powerful symbol of balance among the elements. Choose one half to represent what you wish to harvest; the other half will represent what you wish to release.

Hold the releasing half of the apple in your hands and bring to mind the situations, thoughts, etc., that no longer serve you. Send them into the apple, then compost or bury it, giving thanks for this process of release. Hold the other half while you bring to mind all that you wish to welcome into your life, sending it into the apple. Then eat the apple, giving thanks for this bountiful harvest.

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