A Letter to the Deceased

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Basil

The apple harvest has begun, and in occult belief apples are associated with the dead. In this spell, an apple is used as an offering to the deceased.

Drape your altar with black fabric. On it, place a black candle in a holder, white paper, a black ink pen, and an apple. Think of the deceased, then silently begin writing a letter like this:

Sweet spirit, now that you
are in death’s embrace,
I ache because I can no
longer see your face.
The words I write are for
you and you alone,
They’re sent with love, as if you
were still flesh and bone.

Continue writing and say whatever else you wish to say. Show no one the letter. Snuff out the candle. Wrap the letter around the apple and bury it. Your letter has been received. Don’t be surprised if the deceased contacts you in a dream.

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