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Cool Head Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Violet

There is something about August that makes tempers and troubles rise. Whether because of hot, strong winds or high temperatures, or the gaze of Leo the Lion, August seems to bring an uptick in violence and disagreements. To keep your cool, head to your freezer and grab an ice cube. (You may wish to wrap it up in some cloth or use tongs when you do this spell.)

With the ice cube, draw the shape of a pentagram at each part of the body as named here, saying:

When violence threatens, may
my hands work for peace.
When rage consumes, let my
heart soothe the burns.
When tempers flare, may my
lips speak healing words.
When the heat rises, my mind
shall be cool and calm.

If any of the ice remains, allow it to melt in a cup. Then pour it as an offering to a nearby plant.

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