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Stop the Gossip Spell

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Ivy

This spell will help put a stop to gossip and slander. First, you’ll need a square piece of black fabric. It’s even better if the edges are frayed. You’ll also need a few crumbled dry leaves, some dust, a dash of clove, a nail, and the remnants of a spider web.

Toss all the spell ingredients into the center of the fabric, and tie up the corners to form a bundle. Grasp the bundle tightly and say this charm:

Leaves, dust, clove, nail,
and spider web,
Catch and hold the lies
that are being said.
Trap the gossip in this bundle
and remove its breath.
Spirits of justice, let the
gossip die a quiet death.

Hide or hang the bundle in a secret place. The gossip will fade. When the gossip stops, bury the bundle or throw it away.

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