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Archangel Michael Blessing

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Archangel Michael is quite a specimen: buff, tan, and handsome, yet so much more. He is the archangel of protection. His brawny muscles are there to ease your fears. His color is a soothing purple.

Go out today and find or purchase a purple feather. Once you have the perfect feather, sit with it outside, holding it to your heart. Call to him:

Michael, I call to you
with an open heart.
I ask you to protect me.
With your mighty sword,
shield me from all harm.

Hold the feather in the palm of your dominant hand and say:

Bathe me in your warming energy.
Light as a feather, through you,
I am healed, inside and out.

Do an inner scan of your body, mind, and spirit. Check for warmth— flushed cheeks, tingling hands or feet, spreading warmth, or a fresh smile on your face. These are signs that he has listened. Go orward. Be bold and take chances.

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