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Balance Stones

Color of the day:  Blue
Incense of the day:  Ivy
The road through life can feel a bit bumpy at times. One source we can tap into to bring balance to ourselves is nature. Being in nature is healing in itself, bringing us back into alignment with our non-human relatives.

This spell requires you to head outdoors for a short hike. On your hike, look for a couple stones. Keep your intuitive ears open for stones that would like to work with you as allies. You’ll need two stones, one darker in color than the other. They should be small enough so you can carry them in a small bag but large enough to hold as a touchstone.

When you find your two new stone friends, give them a loving smudge bath by passing them through the cleansing smoke of burning sage or your favorite incense. Then, when you feel you need balance, hold one in each hand and sit quietly, melding with the stones as they create a natural balance and grounding within you.
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