Resolve a Dispute

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Marigold
It's an auspicious day to resolve a dispute, even if the resolution occurs solely within you. Indeed, we must respect the free will of others, and their compliance with or resistance to your efforts need not have any bearing on whether or not you establish inner peace. This does not mean condoning unfair treatment or hurtful actions of any kind. It simply means choosing to let go of the conflict within yourself for your own personal benefit.

So today, hold an unlit stick of frankincense and myrrh incense in your right hand. Feel the discord around the situation and direct it into the incense. Then light it. As the smoke rises, say:

"As resin burns to smoke and ash,
I now release the painful past.
Just as day is born from night,
what was heavy now is light."

When it's burned all the way down, scatter the ashes on the wind.
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