Cutting Ties Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Jasmine
Often we find ourselves held back by relationships and situations that have a negative impact on our lives, unable to let go because of guilt or a sense of obligation. Now, with the waning moon in Pisces, it is good to take stock, to communicate with our higher Self, and to allow ourselves to let go of that which is no longer needed.

In your sacred circle, with black candles lit (black for our mysteries), ponder these energies. When you're ready, tie a black cord around your chest. Then tie individual black cords to small drawings or notes with wording that reminds you of these unnecessary aspects of your life, and attach them to the cord around your body. Take your white-handled knife and cut the ties, one at a time, saying:

"I release you with love, respect,
and gratitude for lessons
learned. So mote it be."
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