Fairy Love Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Vanilla
To draw a new love, find red primroses at your local nursery and pot them. If weather permits, place them near your front or back door. Touch the pot with both hands, gaze lovingly at the flowers, and say:

"Flower of love, realm of the fey,
bring me a lover before it is May."

Today and every following Friday until the spell has done its job, place one shiny dime in the pot and then kindly and gently snip one blossom. Slip it into a small muslin bag and pin it inside your clothes near your heart. As you do so, feel the feelings associated with the love you'd like to attract. Devotedly tend to the living flowers as long as they flourish. When your spell has succeeded, share a bottle of champagne with your new love after offering the first glass to the earth in gratitude to the fairies.
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