Bye-Bye Bills

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Thyme
Did you make a New Year's resolution to get out of debt this year? Move it along with some magical help to make your bills disappear. You will need a copy of your bills (don't use the originals) or a list of whom you owe and how much, a lighter, and a fire-safe container. After dark, take your supplies outside. Begin by tearing the copies or your list into thin strips. As you do so, chant:

"I shred these bills down in size."

Add all of the strips to the fire-safe container. Light the pile of strips on fire. While it burns, chant:

"I burn these bills down to nothing."

When the fire has gone out, toss the
ash into the air and say:

"Wind, take what is left behind.
Bye-bye, bills, so mote it be."
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